Half the Time. Half the Price

Trust the 20 years of technology behind Fastbraces® for safe, effective and comfortable results.

Most people look forward to getting out of their braces much more than they look forward to getting into them. With Fastbraces, that day comes faster and at a lower cost than ever before.

Achieving a terrific smile no longer has to be an expensive, two-year ordeal. With Fastbraces, the process from start to finish can take less than a year. Some people have seen finished results in just 3 months. That means you take less time off work and school for orthodontic visits, saving you time and money.

Fastbraces costs about half the price of traditional orthodontic treatments. Our highest price is $3,750, but most people pay far less than that to build a beautiful, healthy smile.

Traditional braces also complicate traditional oral hygiene, leading to tooth decay. Because Fastbraces are on a shorter time, that threat is reduced.